We mean clean

What we clean


The clean team

Always clean

  • Kristina Freshney

    I have nothing but praise for Dianne and her crew. The service they provided was exceptional even when there were a couple of extra facilities opened up. Thank you to you and your whole crew for the professionalism displayed.

    Kristina Freshney
    Break O’Day Council
  • Andrew Roberts
    The service provided is reliable and consistent, in presenting the park facilities to over 270,000 visitors each year. This work has contributed to the park winning a Bronze Medal at the 2016 National Tourism Awards in the category of Major Tourism Attractions.
    Andrew Roberts
    Freycinet National Park

More than cleaning


We wash, we wipe, we sponge, we scrub, we mop, we rinse, we flush, we polish, we disinfect. We mean clean.

What we clean
Sports stadiums, national parks, shopping centres, corporate offices, public facilities and industrial workplaces. We clean anything, anywhere, any time.

How we clean
We take safety seriously. We use best practice policies and procedures to maintain a duty of care to our staff, clients and their visitors.

Our cleaners
Our highly skilled and dedicated team keep you well stocked with essential supplies and provide all sanitary services.

Always clean
Our team are available 24/7. We’re always there when you need us.

More than cleaning
We can maintain all aspects of your space. Talk to us about property maintenance.